Are you not satisfied with your life?

Not getting the one you love and care for? Not getting your dream job? Disappointed from your failure? Or lazy enough to not chase your dream? Don’t worry, like others I won’t be giving advice about how to be successful in life and how to achieve everything. Instead, I will let you know what life actually is and it’s not okay to always blame it for your disappointment.
So let’s start from the beginning, from where you came into existence, yes, you guessed it correct ‘A sperm cell’. A healthy male can release 40 million to 1 billion sperm cell in a single ejaculation. Each sperm cell carrying different sets of information and each competing with each other to meet the fertilising egg. What is the probability that you are born with? It’s 1 in a billion. No one can predict which cell will make it and whether 1, 2, or 3 sperm cell, it’s a mere randomness.
Life is a series of random events you never know what’s gonna happen next. If you are completing your education or you are in a corporate office or you have your own business pause for a second and imagine the one thing that wouldn’t have happened the way it did, you may not be in the present institute pursuing the same study, you may be in some different company working on higher post earning more or in a company at lower post than current and earning very less. What if the sperm cell that made you, failed to make it at the very beginning? You won’t be reading this.
Now you know the importance of the event that brings you where you are. Of course your talent, education, passion towards particular thing matters but one cannot deny the fact that your life is a combination of series of random events sometimes bringing happiness and sometimes letting you down.
So, if life is being hard on you don’t be upset, prepare yourself to grab the perfect combination coming for you.



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