Five minutes into the room at a gathering, greetings barely exchanged and the phones are out. Probably to tweet, update status, check-in, uploading a snap and all the highly ‘relevant‘ stuff because, obviously, physical people in front of us are not as important as those with whom we have maintained snap streaks.

You are upset regarding some stuff? Go ahead and post it on your Facebook wall like an adult instead of facing and dealing with it like an amateur. Well, this is what the current scenario is anyway.

Social media has gradually and steadily created a void in relations and friendships as well. The lines between the virtual world and the real world has blurred to such an extent that the former is camouflaging the latter, especially in the case of kids in their late teens, as well as people in their 20s.  We need constant validation, which is easily provided through the likes and comments on social sites. The likes and comments give us the kicks in our lives, which we should rather get from our achievement and work. In our attempt to create Instagram-worthy moments, we have somehow forgotten to live Instagram-worthy lives.

 We all want to project such a wannabe and pretentious lifestyle out there to everyone, that we slowly and blindly just follow others and compare ourselves constantly, instead of focusing on self growth and satisfaction.

You don’t like your selfie? Apply filters. However there are no filters in real life and we being in our cacoon for whole life, are thrown off guard when we enter the real world. Lesser appreciation and attention make us doubt ourselves even when we are perfectly fine. One can’t even stress on how important it is to have a sense of who you are; so as to not be swayed away by excessive adulation or get bogged down due to negative and spiteful people’s opinions of us.

Develop a hobby, think a lot, work towards your passion and minimize social media usage. Of course, easier said than done. And yet, it is necessary to release ourselves from shackles of the virtual world to make a mark in the real one.


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