This article solemnly aims at explaining you the working of e-ink display and how it consumes less power.

Why e-ink? Because it mimics the working of ink on a paper.

So let’s get to its working. Consider a capsule filled with a transparent fluid with tini-tiny positive and negative charged particles in it. These particles are as thick as the human hair. The black particles are negatively charged and the white particles are positively charged.

Electrodes are present at the both side of capsule. The top side of the capsule is visible to the reader. When negative charge is applied to the bottom of the capsule the black particles are repelled to the top surface of the capsule and the white particles are attracted to the bottom surface.

Thus arranging thousands of such capsules an e-ink display is made.

How it consumes less power?

The capsules require charge only to transfer black/white particles to top/bottom. Once the particle reaches top/bottom surface it remains static because of their opposite polarity. Hence it consumes no power until the page of your KINDLE is flipped.

Hope you get the clear idea about the working of e-ink. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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