Yes, you read it correct Jetpacks are a reality now. They are no more the only part of sci-fi movies and the video games. The company located in New Zealand named ‘Martin Jetpack’ has already made it.

martin jetpack



The craft began as the dream of then university student, New Zealander, Glenn Martin.

Tests in New Zealand of the initial prototype in 2011 saw the manned jetpack successfully fly at least 1,000 meters off the ground before landing via parachute. The improved version, the P12, was on display at last week’s Paris Airshow – along with a simulator allowing the public to experience the Jetpack for themselves.

This Jetpack actually does not use the jet engine for the lift instead of it, it uses two propellers. It uses v4 piston 200HP gasoline/petrol engine to power the two propellers. Can fly at the maximum speed of 40km/hr for up to 30 minutes.

It is to be sold at USD 25,000, so you will have to empty your pockets to buy it for now, but I’m sure that with the development in technology its price will get lower & its performance will increase too.

martin jetpack
What more can we expect from future jetpacks?

With the research going on the material called Graphene it would be possible to make batteries that can be used to store huge amount of power hence instead of petrol engine high power motors can be used to propel the Jetpack. The usage of graphene batteries will also increase the distance it can travel.

martin jetpack
What are your views about it? Will it will accessible for the common people? Do share and comment.


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