Happiness. The most misinterpreted, misunderstood and also sadly the most used word by our generation. The feeling, that we believe, we feel when everything goes like we want, and problems just cease to exist in our lives, or when our stupid boyfriend decides to give us the most charming surprise, or when our most hated teacher forgets to check our homework, which we like always haven’t done. But well sadly, as diverse as these examples went, happiness seldom fits into our ideal description.
So what is happiness you ask? Sorry, I got no answer, because like you, your mom, your neighbor, your dog ,your bf and yes even your hated teacher, I am searching for an answer too…and the more you try to search for proper solution to this query, the more you realize….that there is none!
Happiness is abstract, it’s description-less and most importantly, it is not the absence of problems.( Well sorry buddy, but wishing for happiness won’t take away your KT. ) You see, problems are a part of you. It’s technically your brain, who keeps creating them. Your problem is you want a BMW and when you buy it your problem is it’s maintenance, and when you maintain it, the problem is the expense.
The problems don’t end they just change. So all you got to do is modify those problems into something you’ll enjoy solving…and that I guess would bring you enjoyment and in turn a lot of ‘happiness’.
I am still searching a way to do that, so if you came in here for those 5 ways to find happiness….well better luck next time…there is none with me.
Maybe you’ll find them yourself and won’t need this or any other article to help you.
All the best! Share them with me too if you do.


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