The Chinese government has been proficient at censoring the internet. Chinese internet does not looks like rest of the world’s internet. It is more like a closed bubble where only state-run websites and few heavily censored foreign sites are allowed to operate.

The websites which threatens or question the ruling communist party of China including any political religious and cultural information are banned.

The websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Whatsapp are banned in China. Even Google search engine is banned in China after struggling through their censorship laws for years.

So I have made a list of Chinese equivalent websites for the above banned websites.

FACEBOOK-RENREN: The Chinese have ‘Renren’ as their most popular social network with 251M active user against Facebook which has 2B active users.

TWITTER-SINA WEIBO: Sina Weibo is the micro blogging platform which is similar to Twitter and has 340M active users and surpasses the Twitter which has 328M active users.

YOU TUBE-YOUKU: Youku is a popular website in China which is used to share videos with 500M active users/month whereas YouTube have 1.5B active users/month.

WHATSAPP-WECHAT: Wechat nearly touches the number for active user of Whatsapp with 938M users/month against Whatsapp which has 1.3B users/month.

GOOGLE-BAIDU: The number of searches done on Baidu is 538M/day whereas the number of searches done on Google is 4.4B/day.

The western news website such as THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL are also blocked in China.


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